Jamboree Results

A narrow victory for Monarchs, Monarchs and Austins both scored 8 out of 12, but discounting board 4, Monarchs scored 7 and Austins 6.5.

South Tyne Jamboree 25/5/2017
Round 1
E1 David Wrigley 0.5-0.5 B1 Tammy Jones
C1 Ian Mackay 0-1 D1 George Glover
A1 Peter Crichton 1-0 C2 Syd Cassidy
D2 Bill Hardwick 1-0 E2 Tim Wrigley
B2 Alan Hiatt 0-1 A2 Derek Blair
B3 Mike Byrne 0-1 D3 Bill Burgess
E3 Steve Larkin 0-1 A3 Bruce Reed
C3 Tom Bradford 1-0 E4 Phil Taylor
A4 Peter Booker 0-1 B4 Drew Millar
D4 John Lydon 0.5-0.5 C4 Christine Moorcroft
Round 2
C1 Ian Mackay 0.5-0.5 B1 Tammy Jones
D1 George Glover 0-1 A1 Peter Crichton
A2 Derek Blair 0-1 E1 David Wrigley
B2 Mike Byrne 0-1 D2 Bill Hardwick
E2 Tim Wrigley 1-0 C2 Syd Cassidy
A3 Bruce Reed 1-0 D3 Bill Burgess
C3 Tom Bradford 0-1 B3 Drew Millar
C4 Christine Moorcroft 0 1 E3 Steve Larkin
D4 John Lydon 1-0 A4 Peter Booker
B4 Mike Hodgkinson 0-1 E4 Phil Taylor
Round 3
E1 David Wrigley 1-0 C1 Ian Mackay
B1 Tammy Jones 1-0 A1 Peter Crichton
D1 George Glover 1-0 E2 Tim Wrigley
A2 Derek Blair 1-0 D2 Bill Hardwick
C2 Syd Cassidy 0-1 B2 Alan Hiatt
B3 Drew Millar 0.5-0.5 E3 Steve Larkin
D3 Bill Burgess 0.5-0.5 C3 Tom Bradford
B4 Mike Hodgkinson 0-1 A3 Bruce Reed
C4 Christine Moorcroft 0 1 A4 Peter Booker
E4 Phil Taylor 0-1 D4 John Lydon
Team Scores
A Monarchs 3+2+3 8
B Friars 1.5+1.5+2.5 5.5
C Haydon Bridge 1.5+0.5+0.5 2.5
D Austins 3.5+2+2.5 8
E Angels 0.5+4+1.5 6
Discounting board 4, Monarchs 7 and Austins 6.5, so Monarchs win.
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