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Monarchs v HB

Match Played at Corbridge Thu 7 Dec 2018
Haydon Bridge Monarchs
Tim Wrigley 2 4-0 2 Phil Walters
Steve Larkin 5 0-4 3 Ian Mackay
Bruce Reed 5 4-0 6 David Willey
Dave Foster 6 2-2 6 Christime Moorcroft
18 10-6 17
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This post was produced by Bill as an email. It has been edited for the website by Tim.

Well, we had our first Chess Ladder get together at the Haydonian Club last night and many thanks to all who came along. Drew put together what seemed to be a very workable set of rules for us and organised things most smoothly, having come armed with everything necessary, including a 7-sided die and a 20-sided die (I would have said “dice” but he insists that is the plural).

The format was 3 x 25 minute Rapidplay games, with the intention that we hold 2 more similar evenings, probably in January or February and then in March or April. Unfortunately with nine of us there i meant that someone had to drop out of each round but we will keep track of these byes and those players won’t be asked to drop out again if we have odd numbers.

The game results are attached including the ladder positions beginning with the random draw and at the completion of each round. Anyone else is free to join in either or both of the next sessions and will simply join the ladder at the bottom.

Round 1
White Result Black
I Mackay 1–0 C Moorcroft
T Wrigley 1–0 B Hardwick
P Crichton 1–0 J Ovens
D Humphreys 0–1 S Larkin
(Bye – D Millar)

Round 2
White Result Black
J Ovens 0–1 S Larkin
B Hardwick 0–1 D Humphreys
D Millar 0–1 I Mackay
C Moorcroft 0–1 T Wrigley
(Bye – P Crichton)

Round 3
White Result Black
D Millar 1–0 C Moorcroft
B Hardwick 1–0 J Ovens
T Wrigley 1–0 I Mackay
D Humphreys 0–1 P Crichton
(Bye S Larkin)

Ladder Positions
Random Draw R1 R2 R3 – (Carried forward)
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HB v Austins

Match Played at Haydon Bridge Thu 22 Nov 2018
Haydon Bridge Monarchs
Phil Walters 2 2-2 4 George Glover
Ian Mackay 3 0-4 4 Bill Burgess
Tom Bradford 4 2-2 4 John Lydon
David Willey 6 2-2 5 Bill Hardwick
15 6-10 17
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Austins v Monarchs

Match Played at Haydon Bridge Tues 13 Nov 2018
Austins Monarchs
George Glover 4 2-2 3 Peter Crichton
Bill Burgess 4 4-0 6 Derek Blair
John Lydon 4 4-0 6 Dave Foster
Bill Hardwick 5 4-0 6 Dave Humphreys
17 14-2 21
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End of Season Newsletter

My apologies, I had forgotton to load Bill’s end of season newsletter.

Newsletter May 2018 (end of season)

Thanks once again to Bill

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Jamboree 2018

South Tyne League Jamboree Competition 24th May 2018
Scores corrected 29 Oct 2018

5 teams of 4 players Round 1
E1 T Wrigley ½-½ T Jones B1
C1 I Mackay 0-1 G Glover D1
A1 P Crichton 1-0 T Bradford C2
D2 S Cassidy 0-1 D Harris E2
B2 J Kelly 1-0 B Reed A2
B3 P Rivers 1-0 B Burgess D3
E3 D Millar 1-0 D Blair A3
C3 C Moorcroft 0-1 D Willey E4
A4 D Humphreys 1-0 J Ovens B4
D4 B Hardwick 0-1 D Rudge C4
Round 2
C1 I Mackay ½-½ T Jones B1
D1 G Glover 1-0 P Crichton A1
A2 B Reed 0-1 T Wrigley E1
E2 D Harris 1-0 T Bradford C2
A3 D Blair 0-1 B Burgess D3
D2 S Cassidy ½-½ J Kelly B2
C3 C Moorcroft 0-1 P Rivers B3
C4 D Rudge 0-1 D Millar E3
D4 B Hardwick 0-1 D Humphreys A4
B4 J Ovens 0-1 D Willey E4
Round 3
E1 T Wrigley 1-0 I Mackay C1
B1 T Jones 1-0 P Crichton A1
D1 G Glover 0-1 D Harris E2
A2 B Reed ½-½ S Cassidy D2
C2 T Bradford 0-1 J Kelly B2
B3 P Rivers 0-1 D Millar E3
D3 B Burgess 1-0 C Moorcroft C3
B4 J Ovens 0-1 D Blair A3
C4 D Rudge 0-1 D Humphreys A4
E4 D Willey 0-1 B Hardwick D4
Team Scores Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total

A Monarchs 2 + 1 + 2.5 = 5.5
B Carlisle Castles 2.5 + 2 + 2 = 6.5
C Haydon Bridge 1 + 0.5 + 0 = 1.5
D Austins 1 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 6
E Angels 3.5 + 4 + 3 10.5

Winners – Angels

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Table – as at 13 Apr 2018

P W D L H Pts R Pts M Pts
Haydon Bridge 6 4 1 1 93 56 9
Monarchs 8 3 2 3 148 40 8
Austins 6 3 0 3 98 54 6
Friars 5 1 1 3 102 32 3
Angels 3 1 0 2 25 26 2
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